Melbourne Colonial Dancers Inc.

Tunes suitable for playing for Australian colonial and folk dancing have been researched and collated into book form for the use of band members. Five books of tunes have been produced to date. The Band aims to -
  • encourage interest in Australian traditional dance music
  • play a part in preserving the traditional dance tunes
  • provide an opportunity for musicians to experience the playing of music in dance rhythm and format.

Interested musicians should contact the Music Co-ordinator

A very wide range of musical time signatures (such as 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, and sometimes 9/8) are used. For those without a musical background, most dance forms have only one or two time signatures. Just as there are a range of dance styles there is also a range of dance speeds and the music is there to accommodate them.

By the way, unlike highly amplified music, this music will not make you deaf!!


The Melbourne Colonial Dance Band provides live music for the Colonial Bush Dance held on the second Wednesday of each month. On each other Wednesday, recorded music is used.

Rehearsals for the Band usually take place each remaining Wednesday evening of the month at 8 pm - the venue arrangements for these have recently changed and you should contact the Music Co-ordinator for details.

Melbourne Colonial Dancers Inc.

Some Borderline Kaylee members playing for the Melbourne Colonial Dance live music night in September 2012.

Created 5 June 2012 : Last updated 07 August 2012.